Differences Between Flood & Water Damages

Differences Between Flood & Water Damages

Several property owners in Palm Beach County may think that water damage and flood damage are the same since they both involve water. But when it comes to making claims with insurance agencies and coverage’s, water and flood damage are two completely separate instances, which can affect your coverage and expenses.

Flood Damage

Flood damage Is the result of water overflowing and collecting in any section of a property, ultimately causing damages. The key item when identifying the difference between flood and water damage, is that during flood damage, the water has come into contact with the ground before affecting any structures.

Flood damage examples:

  • A nearby stream overflows and has water rushing into your basement or lower levels.
  • Your toilet is clogged and begins to overflow, allowing water to breach the toilet bowl and flood your bathroom floor.
  • A water pipe inside your property bursts and water is pouring into your property.

Water Damage

Palm Beach County water damage will occur when water causes damages to a structure before it reaches the ground. Palm Beach County water damage is usually the result of excessive moisture, pipe leaks (not bursts), and faulty drainage systems.

Water damage examples:

  • Crack in your roof, allowing rainfall to enter and cause damages to your ceiling and walls.
  • Faulty gutters are not able to lead water safely to an outlet, instead allows water to stream down along the siding of your property causing damages.
  • A water line from your washer or dishwater is leaking and causes damages to the walls and floor surrounding it.

When dealing with either water or flood damage, it best to know what exactly you are dealing with so that you can inform your insurance carrier and see if you are covered. When you need Palm Beach County water damage remediation and restoration services, you can trust the local disaster restoration experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services. We’ll restore and repair your Palm Beach County home or business from water damages. Call us today for more details.