Marble & Terrazzo – Palm Beach County Floor Cleaning

Marble & Terrazzo - Palm Beach County Floor Cleaning

Professional cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services wanted to provide you with helpful information regarding the makeup of several floor types that can be found in offices and facilities everywhere. With routine Palm Beach County floor care, you can help keep your floors looking brand new.

Marble Flooring
Marble is widely used to decorate corridors, lobbies, and entrances of an office. Marble is created from quarrying slabs of marble, which is then cut and formed to specifications. Marble is generally honed (low gloss appearance) or polished (high gloss appearance). Marble is actually quite a soft stone and is susceptible to scratches, liquids, and abrasions.

Terrazzo is another common floor material found in several business offices and commercial facilities. Terrazzo is often found in entrances and restrooms. Starting out in a liquid-like form, terrazzo is made from marble, quartz, granite chips mixed with an epoxy. It is then poured into place, smoothened out, and hardened.

Caring for Marble & Terrazzo Floors
Most stains on marble and terrazzo flooring is due to mishaps with food or drinks. Acid-based spills, like sodas or spaghetti sauce can etch and “burn” into the surface. It is crucial to clean spills immediately after occurring, because the longer an acidic substance is able to lay on a surface, the more damage it will inflict. Also to avoid scratches, consider utilizing entry mats and possibly rugs, as these items can capture the majority of dirt and soil that is tracked from shoes and prevent scratches caused by rocks, twigs, and other small, hard particles.

But when you’re searching for a high quality provider for Palm Beach floor care services you can trust the experts at ServiceMaster Cleaning and Restoration Services. We’re specialists in providing restoration services as well as a variety of specialty cleaning services. We’ve served several facilities in the area, and when you need top quality Palm Beach floor care cleaning, we’re the experts you can trust.

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