Carpet Cleaning

Palm Beach Carpet Cleaning

The #1 way to impress a person or clients is through appearances. What more does it say when a visitor or a client stops by your residential or commercial property only to notice that your entire floor is poorly maintained and dirty? ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services offers carpet-cleaning services for both homes and offices. We believe that a clean and vibrant looking carpet can greatly enhance the image of your home or workplace. Rely on our team to do a great job!

No other item in our home absorbs more than our carpets, and in order for carpets to maintain a nice appearance they need to be professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. A professional cleaning service has the equipment and expertise to remove dirt and moisture in ways that rented cleaning equipment cannot.
ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services provides each customer with a luxury carpet cleaning experience from start to finish.

Beginning with a preliminary inspection of the carpet to determine the best cleaning method, and then a pre-treatment of spots and stains.  ServiceMaster technicians will pre-apply cleaning products to loosen ground soil and rinse the carpet with clear hot water. Ensuring each customer is left feeling completely satisfied the carpet is groomed for efficient drying and uniform appearance. Carpets are always given a final inspection with each customer to make sure all standards are met.