Palm Beach County Carpet Cleaning Services

Clean carpets can do wonders for commercial business offices or residential homes. Not only do carpets cover one of the largest surface areas of your home, but they also help set the image and tone of a property. With dirtied carpets, it can portray that you do not care about your office or home, as a carpet littered with dirt marks or stains generally does not generate great impressions on guests or customers.

Fortunately ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services provides high quality carpet cleaning services for both commercial facilities and residential properties. We’ve been serving the residents and businesses in Palm Beach County for several years, and with the expertise of our carpet cleaning technicians, they have all the skills and techniques required to thoroughly clean your carpets. For a glimpse into our carpet cleaning process, see the additional details below:

Application of shampoo: To effectively clean carpets, the application of shampoo can be important and with ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services, we don’t just spray it on and scrub. Instead we’ve developed a proven method of pre-treating the carpets with a specialized shampoo before the cleaning or scrubbing process begins. This allows the shampoo to work deep into the fibers of your carpet and breakdown stains and dirt.

Proper water temperature: To ensure the ingredients in the shampoo is truly effective, we use water that has been regulated to a certain temperature in order to activate the shampoo’s ingredients and to help breakdown dirt and soil even further for a thorough cleaning.

Rinsing the carpeting: A high quality carpet cleaning service is not completed until it has been thoroughly rinsed. Rinsing the carpet can be a crucial step in the cleaning process, as it will remove any excess shampoo residue and remove any remaining dirt. This is what allows carpets to appear revitalized in color and provide a softer, plush feel.

With ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services, we’ve been serving several businesses and homes with our high quality Palm Beach carpet cleaning services. Our team has all the skills, techniques, and equipment needed to deliver superb carpet cleaning services throughout Palm Beach County, Florida area. For more information about our Palm Beach carpet cleaning services, contact our office today!