Palm Beach County Water Damage Tips

Palm Beach County Water Damage Tips

If your home or business has been damaged or affected by water damage either from burst pipes, rain, and severe storms, you can always rely on ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services. We’re the experts in Palm Beach County for water damage restoration services. When you call us for water damage restoration, we’ll work immediately to assemble a team of our restoration technicians and send them to your location to provide damage mitigation and repair services. But as you wait for the experts to arrive, we have some helpful tips any home or business owners can take to help reduce damages. Please see below.

1) Don’t allow belongings to sit in water.

Upon discovering any form of water damage, you should immediately begin to remove all of your belongings from the area. The longer items are allowed to sit in water, the more damages they will accumulate. Move your valuables to the outdoors, into a different room, or anywhere else that is deemed safe, dry, and not affected by water or excess moisture.

2) Stop the water source.

The most important thing you can do to reduce water damages within your property is to stop the flow of excess water from entering your property. If it’s a pipe or appliance leaking, find a way to shut off the pipes or your water main. If the water is entering your property from the outdoors, try to create a way to lead or redirect the water away from your property. The sooner you can limit the amount of water that enters your property, the less damages you’ll sustain.

3) Drain the water.

Once you’ve shut off the water from entering your property, try to discover a way to drain all of the water within your property. See if you can lead it to any drainpipe within your property or to the outdoors.

Hopefully with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to minimize damages and jumpstart the restoration process. With the professional assistance of ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services, we’ll restore and repair your home back to its rightful condition. For more information or to begin our Palm Beach County water damage restoration services, please feel free to contact our office.