Palm Beach Wood Floor Cleaning Advice

Palm Beach Wood Floor Cleaning Advice

Hardwood floors can be an expensive the investment, but can drastically improve the appearance of any property, as well as add significant value to any residential or commercial property. But unlike carpeting, vinyl flooring, or laminate flooring, it takes quite a bit of effort and attention in order to properly maintain hardwood floors and avoid damages. To protect your investment, we have some helpful tips below on how you can maintain your hardwood floors.

Avoid brushes and use soft cloths.
Try not to use hard-bristled brooms or vacuums when attempting to clean your hardwood floors. The hard bristles can actually cause several scratches within your flooring, allowing dirt and soil to be trapped within these tiny crevices and causing your floors to appear faded or scuffed. As an alternative, use a soft cloth or a cloth sweeper to wipe and clean your floors. Using cloths will help you avoid scratches and may even collect dirt more efficiently.

Don’t use powerful cleaning agents.
When cleaning hardwood floors try not to use any powerful chemical-cleaning agents. Harsh solvents or chemicals could actually damage your floors by stripping the protective coat of varnish or leave behind permanent marks. When cleaning your hardwood floors, be sure to only use hardwood-specific cleaners.

Place rugs and mats at entryways.
To prevent soil and dirt from tracking into your property, place rugs and mats at your entryways. It may sound simple, but mats and rugs are able to collect a significant amount of dirt that can be tracked in from shoes and foot traffic. Be sure to remember to vacuum your mats occasionally to remove all of the collected soil.

Use a damp mop, not a wet mop.
If you’re mopping your floors, make sure that it is rung out completely, and that the mop is damp to the touch. You want the moisture from the mop to evaporate within minutes after mopping. Otherwise when using a soaking wet mop, the hardwood flooring can absorb the excess water, causing the wood to swell and distort, causing damages.

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